Our blouses travel to Kenya

Our reception staff have recently had a uniform change and are now looking lovely in bright cobalt blue blouses.

Many of their previous blouses were in good condition, so we donated them to Rotary Club of Senlac who took them to Kenya! They are now part of a uniform for a wonderful team of ladies in Africa.

The Rotary Club are supporting two HIV groups for women. They delivered sufficient money for the women, who are part of a farming group, to able to continue to rent their 2-hectare plot, hire a tractor to plough and purchase maize seed for the next planting.

During the visit there were several speeches, votes of thanks, lots of dancing and the women were each presented with a blouse.

The Rotary Club of Senlac received a letter of thanks from Agnes on behalf of the group.

We were delighted to help!

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  1. Great idea from the team at Cooden Beach to support Rotary helping the team of women in Kenya. The blouses look really good on them. Now that’s what I call recycling!! Well done!

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