Undercover journalist reviews hotel

We’ve recently been reviewed by journalist, Sam Harrington-Lowe from Title Sussex. This was completely independent, we had no idea she was going to be turning up to review us!

From Sam’s own admissions, she’s stayed in more hotels than she can remember and it takes quite a bit to ‘impress her’.

In Sam’s review she mentioned the things she loved about the hotel, see below:

  • There’s a car park
  • You’re right on the beach
  • Free, hassle-free Wi-Fi without restrictions
  • Could possibly be in an Agatha Christie book
  • There’s room service
  • In my single room the bed is generous
  • I have a bath in the bathroom!
  • Decent loo roll, fluffy white towels, and some nice toiletries
  • There are plug sockets where you actually need them
  • There is a Cadbury’s hot chocolate sachet and biscuits
  • Dogs are made very welcome
  • Decent sized flat screen TV
  • Gosh everything is so clean!

She dined in the Tavern and enjoyed a burger with crispy, salty chips! As well as enjoying a beach walk with her dog Alice.

Thank you greatly to Title Sussex and of course, to Sam for a wonderful review and such lovely comments! Click here to read the whole review.

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