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The Relais Cooden Beach
Coming Summer 2022

A stylish retreat on the Sussex coast, located on a private beach with uninterrupted views across the English Channel.

A restorative resort for all seasons with an elegant beach club vibe in the summer and warmly welcoming interiors throughout
the cooler months. Guests are greeted by the captivating views of the everchanging seascape; instantly benefiting from the invigorating sensation of being of the water’s edge.

Rich in history, the property was once the private home of the influential De La Warr family who entertained politicians and royalty. They are also credited with putting the area on the map as the home of British motorsports.

A creation of Grace Leo
and Pascal Allaman

The everchanging colour of the sea, has inspired the creation of a new colour that is unique to Cooden Beach, ‘English Channel Blue’ – feature in the bedrooms and main areas. This is carefully complimented by a warm terracotta inspired by the warm glow of the sun.

A feature fireplace lounge will be a convivial meeting place to enjoy a drink and curl up with a book after an invigorating day on the coast.
Nautical stripes feature throughout creating the fresh, seaside atmosphere. The overall feeling will be elegantly relaxed, with fresh breezy interiors that frame the captivating views across the seascape.

A Restorative Resort

Every aspect of The Relais Cooden Beach is designed to offer a feeling of restoration – from the calm interiors, to the nourishing food, to the therapies in the wellness spa and exploring the untouched corner of East Sussex.

From the yoga classes on the beach to invigorating wild swims in the English Channel to discovering the surrounding English countryside and coastline.

The sensation of being on the water’s edge is both revitalising and captivating.

Your Invitation to Discover


Discover the home of British Motor racing, rich in history and a setting that has inspired adventure and re-discovery for generations. With dramatic landscapes and natural wonders awaiting, The Relais Cooden Beach provides the perfect backdrop for disconnecting from your daily life and exploring the East-Sussex coast.

The Relais Cooden Beach was once the private home of the De La Warr family (of whom the US state of Delaware is named). The family hosted members of the royal family including the young princesses Margaret and Elizabeth who played on the beach. It became a favourite hideaway for the Duke of Windsor and Wallace Simpson as well as Winston Churchill – conjuring up elegance, glamour and nostalgia.

A curated playlist of activities to excite the modern traveller will be offered throughout the seasons, from brisk walks along stunning cliff faces and admiring the local wildlife such as wild seals, to a wellness programme that focuses on revigorating your energy throughout your stay.

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“The Relais vision is to create a new style of living,
defined through a curated collection of retreats
in evocative waterside settings”

We are redefining a lifestyle for discerning travellers, through a new brand of English waterside escapes infused with a worldly point of view and located within two hours of London.

The Relais Retreats are there for our guests, like the familiar home of a cherished friend, offering hospitality, entertainment and nourishment for body and soul. Places to unwind, relax and indulge your senses. Telling the stories of our locations, elevating nostalgic Englishness with a well-travelled mindset.

Our waterside retreats will redefine the easy restorative escape, setting the scene for new traditions and stories yet to be told.



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